The probability of other creatures organically dying blue

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What is the probability of other sea creatures organically dyeing blue besides the trunculus snail?
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Don't forget about Brandaris & others
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This history of textile dyeing is well-documented (everyone wore clothing and everyone was looking for colorfast dye sources to color them with).

Natural dyes were very few and animal-derived dyes even fewer.
Nothing sea-dwelling other than Murex family and cuttlefish.
So, those who posit that Murex was not the chilazon would also be positing (without evidence) the existence of a sea-dwelling dye source unknown to science, archaeology, and literature. ... al-derived dyes[edit] Plant-derived dyes[edit]
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The Medrash says that it was nignaz- this is also brought down by the Gra lehalacha.
It is not improbable that a creature went extinct and is unknown to science.
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