Techeiles in private?!

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So, you are "mechaven" to my original question...
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Nosson wrote: Fri Mar 17, 2023 9:58 am Rafi writes --
Depends. R' Schachter makes the most sense in that, if you think you might have the right Techeiles (even if it's just might) and choose not to wear it, you are being Over Bal Tigra. Furthermore it's a Machlokes Rishonim whether Tzitzis is one mitzva or five. With white, we are all doing the mitzva BeDieved, since according to some the mitzva can't be fulfilled at all without Techeiles.

But there is no need to resort to Bal Tigra or some Rishonim (which we anyway pasken against למעשה) or the count of how many mitzvot.

There is a simple bittul Aseh every second according to everyone when Techeiles is available, as every Jew says twice a day!

(See, too, Maharil regarding a garment missing Titzit on Shabbos, and the gemara on Chotam shel zahav and more.) 

I believe not everyone agrees to that (e.g, Rav Belsky didn't wear it on his tallis)

Re: saying Shma, that's what led me to decide to wear Techeiles on my TGs and TKs, since I would be holding the strings from my TG and personally found it a bit hypocritical that I would be wearing Techeiles yet wouldn't see it in "real time" when saying Shma.

R' Belsky didn't wear it due to larger "image" issues: ... les-story/, especially since it wasn't as worn and accepted by as significant an amount of people as it is now. R' Karp Shlit"a (see Q4 here: ... techeiles/) also wears Techeiles and in his case, R' Elyashiv ZT"L told him to wear it b'tzina since it wasn't accepted by the Olam yet. When R' Elyashiv passed, R' Kanievsky ZT"L told him to start wearing it on his TG, and B"H we have pictures showing this ( ... chai-karp/).
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